Kids and Vegetables don't mix - Top 3 Microgreens for Kids and how to incorporate them.

We get it, most people to some degree don't like vegetables, especially kids! But microgreens are a great way of capturing flavor and nutrition for those fussy little eaters!

Sweet Corn Microgreens - Kids have a notorious sweet tooth, Sweet corn Microgreens have that signature, sugary sweet corn flavor that you get from corn on the cob. You will be very surprised at just how deliciously sweet the shoots can be.

Sweet corn microgreens are loaded with nutrients. They contain vitamins A, B, C, & E, as well as other nutrients including calcium and magnesium. As with other microgreens, they pack a serious nutritional punch.

How to incorporate Corn Microgreens into your children's diet

These microgreens have enough of a sweet taste that they are suitable for kids to snack on raw. If that doesn't work, you can sneak them into sandwiches, soups or pasta. With their yellow tops and pale colored stems, most kids wont even notice them in their dish. Making a chicken salad or egg salad sandwich? Dice these up and throw them into the mix, not only will they get the nutrition but kids will pick up on that sweet taste with an added hint of corn they may or may not notice!

Pea Shoots Microgreens

Just like other microgreens, the pea shoots contain a higher density of nutritional benefits and come with several health benefits for your body. In fact, studies have proved that they contain over 40x more nutrients than fully matured peas. They not only ward off disease but also help prevent cancer.

Pea shoot microgreens have a sweet taste, similar to sugar snap peas which will make the pallet more desirable for young children, they also have a delightful crunchy texture which is great when it comes to snacking!

Ways to incorporate them into your children's diet:

  • Offer them as a raw snack - Crunchy sweet taste is enough for some!

  • Add to Salads and soups

  • Juice them or add to smoothies mixed with fruit

Mustard Microgreens

These microgreens have a unique flavor profile, when harvested early on they have a very zesty flavor profile with the added sweetness of mustard. If you add these little green's to your children's diet, make sure to purchase more developed greens for that sweeter taste.

Talk to your local grower or supplier about their specific microgreens and what your desired flavor is. Something as simple as adjusting their harvest time can be the difference between a mild sweet mustard for children or a zesty kick for thrill seeking taste buds!

The mustard microgreens are full of nutrition and have a high content of Vitamins A, B6, C, E, and K. They are also containing antioxidants and high in carbohydrates, protein, fiber, folate, calcium, iron and sodium.

If your child loves mustard, then look no further this is the microgreen for them.

Ways to incorporate them into your children's diet:

- Hands down the best way for mustard greens is to add them to a sandwich. Replace the lettuce with a handful of mustard greens or mix the two together!

- Add them to Salads, soups (Tomato, chicken with rice or noodles)

Microgreens are in fact the ideal way to sneak some added nutrition into your children's diet. Everyone loves something new and at Leaf Sweets we have found that children are drawn to the flavors, texture and playful nature of having microgreens at their fingertips!