Broccoli Microgreens, a tiny superfood with huge benefits and why it knocks out full grown Broccoli.

Microgreens in general are an emerging health trend worldwide. With only a 1/4 cup of Broccoli microgreens you can register the same nutritional value as eating a full grown head of broccoli, but it doesn't stop there! Most people boil, steam or cook their broccoli to some degree and in doing so they are destroying most of what is left nutritionally. Supermarket broccoli can have a 33 percent vitamin C loss while it is transported and waits for its consumer. Boiling the broccoli can create another 50 to 80 percent loss of vitamins. An article in the Medical Post from 2003 states that microwaving broccoli, even though it is convenient, results in a 97 percent flavonoid loss and a 74 to 87 percent loss of other phenolic compounds.

Broccoli microgreens are commonly eaten in a raw state, therefore there is no nutrient loss because no steaming or boiling is involved.

Glucosinolates which are a vital component of the phytochemicals within the Brassicaceae family of vegetables.  GL’s are found in large amounts in broccoli sprouts and are a crucial component contributing to the defense and tolerance a plant has against pathogens. Research also suggests that GL’s are major defense against pancreas, lung, stomach, colon and rectal and prostate cancer.

Phenolic compounds are antioxidants and anti-carcinogens which are vital to the maintenance of our body. Flavonoids are plant chemicals known as phytonutrients which are found in many fruits and vegetables. Carotenoids are organic pigments that produce colors such as red, orange, and yellow.  Both flavonoids and carotenoids are responsible for  producing the brilliant colors in fruits and vegetables which attract insects for pollination.

Phytonutrients ward off rouge electrons that are introduced to the body and seek out a mate to pair with to produce a new cell. When a healthy cell merges with another cell with foreign properties, the healthy cell takes on the traits of the rouge cell potentially creating disease or inflammation in the body. Free radicals are derived from environmental toxins that ultimately end up in our air, water, and food supply.

So there you have it, Broccoli Microgreens, the tiny superfood that packs an incredible nutritional punch. Not to mention it tastes great!

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