Food Safety

Our commitment to food safety is strong. Below you will find in point form some of the highlights of our food safety program when growing, cutting and harvesting our microgreens for your consumption. 

  • There are only 3 people who have access to the urban gardening space. We are a family owned and operated business. 

  • Our planting and harvesting tools are consistently Sanitized using a multi step process and commercial food safe sanitizers.

  • Our Growing Trays are washed and sanitized between growing cycles.

  • We have commercial hand sanitizing dispensers in the grow space.

  • Employees are required to wash hands, sanitize hands and apply disposable gloves when working inside the building

  • Masks are mandatory inside the grow space.

  • Microgreens are not touched throughout the growth cycle and are watered from the bottom.

  • Harvests are cut and immediately placed in their individual containers for resale.

  • Harvests are delivered to you or your local grocer at maximum 2 hours after cutting.