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Vitality Microgreen Tea - By Leaf Sweets

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Our Vitality Microgreen tea blend contains organic cold raw dehydrated Microgreens and peppermint. A great way to soothe the digestive system with the benefits of Microgreens and peppermint combined.

Each Blend contains a variety of microgreens which include:

Red Cabbage
Broccoli Raab 
Daikon Radish 
Red Radish
Brown Mustard
Purple Kohlrabi
Crimson Clover

 Each Individual Tea bag contains 1/2 teaspoon of Cold Raw Dehydrated microgreen powder. During the Cold dehydration process our microgreens retain at minimum 97% of their original nutritional value and are raw diet friendly.

 Caffeine Free

If you have any allergy concerns please feel free to message us directly and we will provide you with the answers you need!