About Us


Leaf Sweets Microgreens Inc.​

Leaf Sweets Started as a niche company, serving microgreens at the local farmers Markets. Since then we have expanded into Leaf Sweets Urban Farm, offering a diverse range of produce and Microgreens to southern New Brunswick. 

Our Goal is to provide Fresh Produce, Weekly to local retailers and consumers alike. We strive on food safety and best practices. This enables us to have local greens delivered within 1-2 hours of harvesting! Not to mention, when we harvest, some of our produce is kept live! Not only does this enable us to deliver fresh, but it keeps longer on your shelves! Minimizing Nutritional loss and product loss is a value added benefit of shopping local!

All of our produce is grown using Nutrient Film Technique or other similar hydroponics, which enables us to use on average 75% less water than conventional farming. High output LED lighting along with HID Ceramic Lighting allows us to balance our heating and cooling 365 Days a year. Why waste Energy on heating alone when we can use the heat generated by growing more produce!

Leaf Sweets Urban Farm is a family owned company with Zero outside interest or influence, believe it or not our customers have the most influence on what we grow, how we grow and distribute our produce. 

Periodically we make donations to local Food Banks and Soup kitchens, we also work closely with the schools in our area, Offering Free consultation for community or educational gardens. 

When you shop with us you are giving back